📨 Contact

We are actively looking for students at all levels, including undergraduate, intern, MS, and Ph.D. students. If interested, feel free to fill out this form or email Joseph Lim. For official application, please apply to the Kim Jaechul Graduate School of AI at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) via the "application website (Domestic) (International)" and specifically mention Professor Joseph Lim in your application.

All students are trained with one same expectation - to develop high-impact research. We welcome and encourage you to discuss, develop, and participate in any research projects.

E-mail: joe.lim@kaist.ac.kr
Twitter: @JosephLim_AI

🏆 Lab Goal

Our goal is to foster world-class students who can push the boundary of current research fields. We select students with the highest potential and provide the best research environment for their growth.

Student track record in summary:

  • Recent Ph.D. alumni: a prof. at National Taiwan University, a prof. at Yonsei University, and a postdoc at UC Berkeley & Stanford
  • All Ph.D. alumni: 10+ papers at top-tier AI conferences (e.g., ICML, NeurIPS, ICLR) at the time of graduation
  • All pre-Ph.D. students (including interns and visitors): admissions from top-tier universities (e.g., MIT, CMU, Stanford) or offers from top-tier companies (e.g., Google, OpenAI)

🚀 Lab Culture

That said, research is about asking good questions, less about publishing many papers. Starting from day 1, we work on developing your research taste through structuring your research direction and forming a detailed plan. We especially focus on developing core skills such as discussing high-level research topics, posing impactful and interesting questions, and scrutinizing technical details. We aim to cultivate a strong philosophy for research. Everything else (e.g., # of publications) then follows naturally.

The goal of our lab culture is simple - international impact and visibility. We train students to seamlessly brainstorm, think, and work with anyone and anywhere in the world. To this end, our lab puts a huge amount of emphasis on cultivating the collaborative culture of question and discussion, and passion and ambition. The cultural focus of our lab:

  • International: Our communication in all forms is in English
  • Flat: No hierarchy, especially between students, similar to the U.S. lab culture (e.g., we call Joseph as Joseph)
  • Ambition & Passion: All members have extremely strong desires for accomplishment
  • Interactive: Active discussion between all
  • Curious: We drive everyone to be curious and to ask
  • Independent: Everyone is trained to be an independent researcher regardless of his/her position

🌏 Desired Quality


  • Self-motivated: A strong interest and passion for research
  • Background knowledge: Understanding of introductory courses or more advanced courses in AI such as machine learning and reinforcement learning

Preferred but not required:

  • Research experience: Previous research experience in machine learning, reinforcement learning, robotics, or any other related field
  • Publication: Experience in publishing papers in conferences or journals, regardless of the research area

🗺 Location

If you are willing to meet in person, feel free to e-mail us and visit! Our lab is located at:
9th building, 85 Hoegi-ro, Cheongnyangri-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul.